Free NOT THEM Beach Party at The Sunset Tiki Bar

Saturday ~ July 20, 2013 ~ 8:30-11:30 PM

Free NOT THEM Beach Party

Sunset Tiki Bar and Grill – Nashoba Valley Ski Area
79 Powers Rd, Westford, MA 01886
Phone (978) 692-5700

No Cover Charge

NOT THEM is a five member Party Jam Band.  They get people drinking,
jumping in their seats and up on their feet dancing all night long!

NOT THEM belts out hit songs from the past 40 years by artists such as
The Grateful Dead, The Black Keys, REM, Slash, Neil Young,
John Meloncamp, Warren Zevon, Stone Temple Pilots, Elvis,
Pink Floyd, Death Cab For Cutie, The Allman Brothers, Weezer,
Joe Cocker, Cage The Elephant, The Doors, War, The Beatles, ZZ Top,
Bob Marley, The Who, George Thoroughgood, Led Zepplin, Sublime,
The Clash, Bob Dylan, America, Eric Clapton, Ted Nugent,
God Smack, Bad Company, Aerosmith and more…
plus a dozen of their own Originals in every show.

NOT THEM makes every song their own. They don’t play
covers like other bands, instead they pump it up with high energy,
driving rhythms, four part vocal harmonies and add all the elements
of Rock, Pop, Blues, Reggae, Jazz, and Country into every song.

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Facebook Event Page

NOT THEM Promotion by
Richard Axtman ~ Northern Music


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